Vegan drinking chocolate! My new fav and probably one of the hardest to prepare so ...

in #appicslast year

... far. No stir, only blend, whip or shake so you gotta wash not one but 2 things or 3.

It's a brand I randomly found while shopping in a natural / organic store called 'Cacoco', specialised in 100% organic 100% vegan. They claim to use the purest form of cacao directly sourced from beyond-organic farms so that you get purest / naturally rich and creamy whole-food beverage filled with beneficial nutrients and flavors just as nuanced as a fine wine or single origin coffee.

Too cool, huh? I love the mint and himalayan salt. Try it if you get a chance!


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Oh yea that sounds awesome ... Gotta love that 🍫 even if your vegan... Be well

I'm not vegan 🙈

Haha ok. Vegan chocolate tho is very interesting.

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Yessss let's all be aware and buy more products like this.

Are you actually vegan? 😮

i think...this,is sony Camera,pixel

It's Google pixel phone :)

oH Nice

Love your Foodie post!

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