Bread is Magic

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I found a sad little piece of dried up yeast in my fridge and decided to turn it into bread. Mostly because I don’t like to waste food but also because I was out of bread and too lazy to go to the store. So much faster to spend 8 hours making bread from scratch...

I dissolved the yeast in a small amount of water for quite some time, then added more water, fed the yeast with suryp to make it work better, a pinch of salt and three different flours. I eyeballed everything of course, it’s the only way to make bread. After a fast mix I let the dough brew for a few hours, developing the taste better, then I went into the actual kneading of the dought. Well the Kitchen Aid mixer did that and it’s so good for bread making. For extra health and flavour and aestetic, I found linseeds and threw a good handful of them in.

I raised the dought twice, a good hour for each time, and threw the ball in an already heated up oven and casserole. The casserole with a lid is a key piece for making really good bread at home, since not many people have a proper stone oven at home. It needs to be hot when the bread goes in, heated for at least 30 mins. Bake in the casserole with the lid on for about 20 minutes, then take the lid off for the rest of the baking time. Then you of course wait for the bread to cool a bit, it’s a crime to cut it immediately when it’s not settled yet.

So after about 8 hours, I had really delicious bread for my evening snack. And the rest went for todays breakfast. Bread magic.


I can eat all this just now 😅👌👌🤗 I hope you had fun to eat it.

I love this, we make most of our own bread for the last year from a starter that our neighbour gave us in return for lending them a tool.

Its magic every time.

We plan on giving sour dough english muffins a try soon.

That’s the best way to make bread! Starter dough and time will result in such amazing bread, there is nothing like it.

It looks perfect! Anytime is a good time for fresh bread with honey and butter!

I should really bake bread like every other day, I don't know why I'm so lazy that I don't, even when it's very little actual work, just a lot of waiting.

It’s still worth it but the calories aren’t LOL that’s why I had to slow down on my bread making

I hear ya, the bloating is real 😅

All that work and only ONE picture? Your are a photographer... Aren't you supposed to be telling your story visually? :)