Mardi Gras Bock

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My friends know how to get me to come work at their houses. There’s nothing like getting paid and that sweet delicious beer. Not normally a bock drinker, but my friend threw in a Abita Bock. Mardi Gras Bock Is it beer I was not familiar with him but I’m glad I got to try it. This beer is brewed with pale, pilsner, and caramel malts and German Perle hops. It is

I was enamored by the appearance of the beer. It pours a beautiful copper mahogany color with a some ruby red hue.The color is rich and deep like a Cedar or red oak log. There is a solid head that is thick with a whiteIsh color. There’s some lacing on the glass, but it’s not ridiculous.


This beer has a beautiful bouquet with sweet honey, warming bread and toasty malts. There is a earthy yeasty aroma that’s very forward throughout.

I’m getting sick of saying the taste follows the nose, but that’s just how it goes with beer. There’s notes floral honey, bread and caramel malts. The interesting part is there is a rich smokey flavor that’s like a toasted coffee more than campfire kind of smoke. I notice some subtle flavors like hops and resin that finish well.


This beer is medium-bodied and kind of sticky with the sweet honey notes. However, those subtle bitter hops makes it finish pretty clean.

Overall, this is a refreshing and easy drinking beer. I can see why it’s fit for the occasion. I will say this Is definitely a well done Maibock that tastes like celebration in a glass.


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I agree, that !BEER just looks beautiful and delicious!!

Thanks for the .5% vote on my latest post.

I normally vote at 100%. Don't take any offense, but I have no idea how my account is voting you at 0.5%. I don't recall reading any of your post as I don't follow you???? I'm super confused.

Did you ever use "" service or some other curation train?

Maybe along time ago, But I haven’t really seen this happen other than with your account. Do you know if they reactivated it for hive or something? If so, that would definitely explain this. I really was not trying to be a dick with that low of a vote.

I've had some Abita beers (and sodas) but never this one. Looks like a nice color though!

This is my first beer by them. It’s pretty solid I’m going to look for more.

Nothing like getting paid in beer for sure! Usually when my buddy helps me out he just wants a steak dinner. Given the price of beef right now it is a little more steep than usual, but still totally worth it!

Yeah I noticed things are going up. I like seeing what other people think I would like. It’s like how well do you actually know me.