The ORGANIC FOOD BUZZ:: Farce or Fact??

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Organically grown Spices and fruits.

The very recent has been inundated with a campaign hy formal and informal organizations to the effect that people should abstain from inorganically grown foods to organic products. This cry has been predicted on the fact? that the inorganic mediated produce , when eaten could precipitate sundry health challenges.

It is not uncommon, therefore to see pletora of organic shops , where exclusive organic grown foods are dispensed at a premium.

This preference is being challenged here because of the fundamentals that crops and other agricultural produce depends on nutrients to thrive. Most often the requires are *carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium etc.

These vital elements are easier availed to the crops and animals via inorganic substrates like fertilisers, artificial feedstock, fish meal etc. This being so, why the preference for organic foods??

Why is the fish found in natural water bodies be preferred over the artificially reared , but fed with feed rich in all nutrients??

Why must the tomato grown with human sewage be valued over that grown with proper formulated fertilizer??

Much questions regarding this preference are yet to be adequately addressed.

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A naturally grown catfish.

Wouldn't you therefore lend a voice to why the general preference for organic foods??

Please you may do as comments to this post!!

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Anything natural is best

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Why?? There ought to be a reason for it being the best!

What is called artificial is refined from the organics!!