ADSactly Hemp Health: Are Hemp Seeds Another Superfoods Fad, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Hemp seeds are starting to be hailed as a super-food you may have not heard of hemp seeds before, but hemp has been dated to being used since about 10,000bc, it's only in the last 90 years that hemp was outcasted.

People used hemp as clothing, textiles, sails, medicine, fuel, and food.

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Hemp seeds have some classifying it as a whole food, with the source of being protein-rich, high fiber, it has 9 essential amino acids, Omega 3, 6, and 9, plus GLA, a natural fatty acid. They are a good source of iron and calcium and contain a variety of other nutrients, including B vitamins, magnesium, and vitamin E.

You may also know hemp seeds by the name hemp hearts.

You can use hemp seeds to make hemp milk, hemp butter, hemp hummus, hemp bread, add on top of your breakfast cereal/soups/smoothies/icecream/pasta, use in baking.

Hemp seeds have a nutty flavor to them.

As countries start to legalize hemp we will learn more about this little seed that packs a punch from past history, the innovation of creation of recipes as people start relearning about hemp.

Where do you think the hemp seed industry will be in the next year, a fad or still here?

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eat them every day

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no i dont think it will be gone tomrw

it provides true value and value has longevity