Win 3 HIVE Tokens By Posting A Pic of Your Favorite Drink And Commenting Why You Like It

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Hello, HIVE dwellers! It is time for me to initiate my own "Win some HIVE" contest" again!

What is your favorite drink and why?

That thirsty thought inspired me to revive an old contest of mine that lets you win easily 3 HIVE! Yes, you read that right! You win 3 HIVE tokens by posting a picture of your favorite drink in the comments section below and commenting why you like it. Your comment must be interesting enough though.

Great, so what are the rules?

  1. Show your support for this contest.
  2. Post a picture of your favorite drink in the comments section below and comment why you like it. Your comment has to be interesting.
  3. Only one entry per HIVE username account to be fair.
  4. The entry that I choose as the most interesting by the time of this post's payout will win 3 HIVE tokens.
  5. Entries without following the 4 rules will not be eligible to win.

Please read the rules well before submitting your entry! No more upvotes by bots this time to be fair to others as I'll be the one to judge!

3 HIVE tokens may not mean much but that will soon increase in value these coming months. Great! So what are you waiting for? Post your entry in the comments below now!

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I'm glad to see you here sir☺

Hey, long time no see! How are you doing?

it's been a year haha... pero still steeming/hiving parin😃😃

That's it! Don't stop till you had enough...😄
The savings will be worth it after a few years.

Upvote and resteem this post first. I need to have the free publicity.

This is against community guidelines. All contests should have no entry conditions in respect to upvotes or resteems. Might I also suggest you show a source for your picture.

Source of pic mentioned and first rule reworded. Free Pixabay pics are not obligated to be source mentioned.

It's not about rewording, it's about removing the requirement.

Done. Removed it.

Yeah this type of contest used to be a thing back then at steem and not encouraged anymore, perhaps for a good reason.

  ·  25 days ago (edited)

Wow I love this. Well to me, Water is my best drink. I know someone will argue that water isn't a drink but you see, it is called "drinking water"😀 So its definitely a drink.


I love water so much because a saying goes thus "Water is life". Imagine someone who has ran country race like the one we did at secondary school, if the person isn't given water, such person might just faint or even die just like that.

Water is good and I also like it for its health benefits which are the fact that :

  1. I maintains a Healthy Digestion.
  2. It reduces risk for Urinary Tract Infections. (UTI)
  3. It aids my weight Management.
  4. It makes my skin glow with pride😂
  5. It also reduces stress for me.

So you see, Water is the best drink and thats why I like it.


Thank you for your entry.

Although I would pick PF Changs Secret Sunrise, I think the non alcoholic mojito is something I'd drink everyday.

It's a beautiful blend of refreshing ingredients. Where exotic drink can be extremely delicious, they are very one-time kinda thing. But a mojito can deliver the same taste and punch of refreshment everytime.


Thanks for your entry.

Hello here's my entry.

My fave drink is this Coffee Fraffait I bought at the Nescafe Kiosk in any malls.


I love it because it really taste good the sweetness of the sweet whipcream, the coffee and choco combine result is mocca. The coldness is swak to throat and felt stomach full for a number of hour I do not feel hungry even after 3hours.


Thanks for your entry.