What do you think if I do a contest?

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After all this time I have on the platform, which is almost 3 years. I have decided that I want to make a dessert and cake contest that is what I love most.


The contest will be held on Saturdays. And it will be called my sweet Saturday... I think it was a wonderful opportunity to meet sweets from around the world because we are many people from different countries.



  • They must be photos of your property. We must avoid plagiarism.

  • Put a small description of the dessert or cake so that we all know well what it is made of.

  • You can make the dessert or cake or simply buy it. We want to know a little more about everyone here.

  • We must use the #mysweetsaturday and #contest tags. They can use the ones they want but these should be the main ones.

  • Participants must vote for this post and rebloge.

  • Place the link of each post in the original post.

  • We will have 3 winners per week. Everyone will win a steem.


Next week will be our first sweet Saturday. And I think it would be great to know the typical desserts and cakes. I hope to see your entry in the contest.

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Oh, I love that. That is awesome to have such contest. U&R

Thanks dear

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Good for you! What a perfect idea for a contest. I'm looking forward to seeing the entries!

Me too. I think it's a good idea and so be more active here ...

I will think about what I can do to help support the contest! ❤️

Thank you Dear, I hope it is a contest that people like! I remember how much the contests helped me when I just started here

You may have to work to get the word out about it!

I love that. Finally a contest about dessert .

Thanks! Yes all love desserts 💕🎂

I like all the pictures.. but i saw the publication for the cake. It looks so delicious. ("v")

If it was very delicious. Nothing like a delicious vanilla cake with a delicious Italian meringue

Lovely, and we finally got an opportunity to share dessert.
Hope to participate though
The cake looks yummy too😊

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I hope you participate! Each of my cakes is made with a lot of love

This is a nice initiative. I'm looking forward for the entries. And I'll participate on this from time to time for sure! 😍

It will be my pleasure for me that you participate! Thanks for the support

It's finally Saturday😇
Below is the post link to #mysweetsaturday contest. Hope to be among the lucky winners😊

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Felicitaciones por tu concurso. Me tendrás participando. Soy aficionada pero me encanta cocinar postres. Éxito. @denissemata.

Congratulations on your contest. You will have me participating. I am fond of but I love cooking desserts. Success. @denissemata.

Sera un placer tenerla participando. Y viendo sus dulces creaciones

Si, son dulces y son creaciones, pero espero aprender más de sus publicaciones que usted de las mías. Por cierto, también soy venezolana y coterránea de las costas de lechería y Puerto la Cruz.

I will enter mine tomorrow, i love it

It will be a pleasure, to share and support this contest ... I also love to see photos of delicious desserts

Thanks for participating!

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I hope to see your entry