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CONGRATULATIONS to @ramsesuchiha for winning the FAVORITE PIZZA CONTEST. Hope you enjoy the slice of pie or hodle the 5 HIVE until you can buy a bitcoin pizza someday!

I'm now following you and looking forward to reading about your world!

One of my favorite things about #HIVE is how this amazing digital community brings us together. Breaking (and these days baking) bread has always been a fantastic way for humans to come together. A little tomato sauce and cheese only makes it that much richer.


Tell me your favorite bread-based (or paleo bread substitute if that's your thang) food in the comments below, and perhaps we can share a meal virtually. One random lucky winner will receive 1 hive for their thoughts.

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I would like a rocket, truffle and goat cheese topping on a crunchie 🍕 bottom please

That sounds delicious @brittandjosie! By rocket do you mean that leafy green we call arugula in North America? I only just learned that that was what arugula was called last night watching Hannah Gadsby's Douglas stand up show on Netflix... so your comment comes at an opportune moment, that either means rad coincidence.. or that we live in the Matrix.


Hive matrix hahahaha we use rucola as we call it in very many dishes and salads

Thank you so much @dougkarr the slice of pizza was delicious

Awesome, so glad!