Hive Creative Contest | What's Cooking Again?(Contest Details). "Rice Surprise"

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Hi hivers, today I am participating in a contest promoted by @zord189 who invites us to share a recipe, it can be your own or one that you find on the internet, the idea is that you share your cooking experience.

I am a happy mother of 2 pre-teens, which lives full hustle and bustle all day for the various things I do in the day, so as sure happens to many mothers, I must be quick and creative in the kitchen, this week I improvised and cooked what I found in the fridge, I must tell you that it was world haha, I took the opportunity to promote the carrot and onion at home haha.

Recipe for preparing a "surprise" type of rice

2 smoked sausages

½ onion

1 small carrot

2 tablespoons of butter

2 cups of rice (I used the ones I had in the fridge)

To accompany

1 banana

5 tablespoons of sugar

½ cup of water.

Step 1
Melt the butter and add the chopped smoked chorizo, the butter is to create more liquid to flavor the rice.


Step 2
Previously washed, cut the carrot and onion very small and add them to the sautéed chorizo, cover to unite the flavors.


Step 3
Add the rice and mix everything, wait 5 minutes and ready, reserve.



Step 4
In ½ cup of water with sugar, add the peeled and chopped plantains, puyamos them with a fork and go bathing them with sugar water, over low heat.

Step 5:

Turn the plantains upside down. We must turn the plantains and bathe them with the liquid, they will take a tan color that will indicate that they are ready to turn off.


Step 6 . Serve.


Serve, garnish with basil leaves and cheese, GOOD TASTE!
Thanks to @zord189 for this initiative, I invite @albaandreina and @caleinis to participate.All photos are my property and were taken with Samsung Galaxy phone.Isla de Margarita,Venezuela.


It looks delicious! And it has a great presentation!

Hello, thank you, I like to cook

Hahahah... Wowww
Can l join you already?

This is looking so sumptuous 😋
You really had a fabulous day and a food like this is the type that sends people to cloud 9😋

You flatter me, it's something very simple that gets me out of trouble and leaves everyone happy.

You made this look really simple for anyone who is willing to try and I want to have a bite of that plantain, shall I? lol.
PS: I think you were a little late for your submission, all the same, I wish you well.

haha zanoz I tried it, cooking is my hobby, and that dish is very simple, who doesn't like a sweet banana?

Yeah sure I noticed.:)

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Damn, this would be very delicious 😊🤗. I want a plate 😋

Delicioso y sencillo @marito74, es nutritivo y sabroso. Ese concurso es todo un éxito. Mucha suerte.

Amigaaa toda una cheff, se ve delicioso, y seguro el sabor tambien es asi,gracias por la invtacón me activare entonces.