Peach cobbler made by our own tree

in cooking •  10 days ago 

With the recent abundance of peaches, we found ourselves making a cobbler with about a half dozen peaches in it. Well I just took pictures. Lovely Logic made it, and it tastes great.


She added only half a cup of sugar and let the peaches do the rest of the sweetening. We both prefer as little sugar as possible in our food. But sugar is needed to make a glazing our of the peaches.


The peaches taste real fresh since we picked them a day ago. Eventhough they were pretty small, I was able to harvest them and enjoy them. Most of them, about half did not make it.


We ate the peach cobbler with some vanilla ice cream. And I had some peanut butter on the side for mine.


The cobbler was eaten up in a day. We shall make more in the future in sure, It was real good.


I had some of the peach cobbler just by its self and I enjoyed it that way too. The icecream and peanut butter was just an extra touch.

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It does look mighty tasty. Peanut butter with peach cobbler is a new one for me though.

Hah thanks.. yeah I love peanut butter. May grow some Peanut plants in the future to make my own peanut butter.

You did it!

Hah yup, good idea :)

Whatever the amount of suger, looking yummy.

Thanks alot.. yeah we try to minimize our sugar usage.