Storing the harvested Peaches

in cooking •  8 days ago 


With most of the Peaches pulled from the tree, we have too many to eat at once. So I cut up most of them and placed them in freezer bags.


They will only last a week or so if I do not freeze them. But if i do they will last many months.

I can use the frozen sliced peaches in smoothies and other desserts throughout the year.


The tree produced about thirty or so Peaches. And glad it did. And I'll be enjoying them for many months to come. I doubt they will last until next year but it's a start. Maybe next year I'll get a full tree of good peaches. Maybe then it can last me a year.

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That is so fantastic.

I would look into fermentation to make booze! Brewing it into beer would be great and you might even incorporate them into sauces as well.


Hah I'll use them to eat... I don't get many of them so the ones I do get I want to save.

Didn't know you could freeze them...😊

Yeah if you use a freezer bag and push the air out they do pretty good. If you are going to use them in smoothies. Otherwise they may not thaw out all that nice.

Maybe you can graft some additional peach branches to the same tree so that it can produce more fruits in the future @solominer :D

I like peaches, they are easier to chew and very juicy.

Unless there is a later blooming variety I could graft I do not see any point. More than half the time our early springs are too cold and kill most of the flowers and peaches.

Hah me too they are yummy