Exploring Bangkok

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So Much To Do, So Little Time

Beautiful to look at mussels....

Photo by Me

I cannot believe it is already Sunday, this week has flown by. I have made it a goal to focus in on the moment with whatever we are doing. Good or bad, I am enjoying it. We went on a boat ride through the river and saw beautiful Temples from a far, we have trekked on foot through Bangkok's maze of streets, I have pulled @derangedvisions away from being motorcycle food on the busy street, and eaten the most delicious food.

Photo By Me

I have really enjoyed getting time to speak one on one with the beautiful Steemians that have made their way here. It is amazing to connect with people from across this beautiful globe and share love and compassion to those around me. Today will be making sure we get lots of pictures with all the beautiful people that are here!!

I am very grateful Wes has helped me learn to go outside of my comfort zone and being so patient with me while I process a new culture!

Time to get ready for another great adventure day! Have a blessed weekend y'all!


The mussels look GOOD!
It's great to meet both of you and @derangedvisions

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It has been awesome meeting you as well. As far as the mussels, we didn’t eat them, lol. They were “free” with our lunch and they brought them out to us without us even asking for them. I tasted the fish eggs (?) on them and was not a fan of it so we didn’t even bother trying any more of it.

The fish eggs (fish roe) taste good with japanese rice and eggs. My daughters love it. This is small little roe. There's another type which is much bigger, you will get a "pop" feeling when you eat it.

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Sounds a bit too !DERANGED for me. I don’t think I would be a fan of those eggs popping like that in my mouth.

Thanks. I prefer the small fish roe conpared to the big one

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It was so great to meet you as well!! Reading through the comments with DV, the little fish eggs vs the big fish eggs....eeeeek!! I am so glad I didn't try, ha ha ha. I am so glad we met!!! Have a great day!!

What lovely photos! 😍😍 thanks for sharing 😉👍

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One of my fave. Drools.

Sounds like a wonderful time! I got to trek around with @derangedvisions in Krakow last year. Such a nice guy. You picked a good one!

Thank you! He is my favorite! I am very grateful he is my soul twin!