It is not haute cuisine, but... 🍝 Es ist nicht Haute Cuisine, aber...

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At least it is vegan, quite healthy and even tastes quite good. The grocery chain LIDL here in Germany is quite fast with new trends and is endorsing the vegan way of life with new products.

Wenigstens ist es vegan, relativ gesund und schmeckt sogar gar nicht mal so schlecht. Die Lebensmittelkette LIDL ist oft vorn dabei, wenn es neue vegane Produkte gibt.


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There we go, $2 for posting a photo of a $4 jar of pasta sauce! You paid for half your dinner :P
Organic is a nice bonus. I try and get organic when I can find/afford it, or just eat fresh stuff from the garden or farmers market. But in winter that's harder.

Yes, really happy about the votes for this one. Warm greetings over to Canada! :)