The greatest thing since sliced bread? Jewish baker adds cannabis to the mix | The GrowthOp

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With laws which are adapted only gradually and rolled out around the world at different pace, as is the case with cannabis and even hemp regulations, it is always interesting to see the difference in pace between nations.

In Belgium we have a saying that with each (new) law it is our “civic duty” to find all loopholes on it. As such it isn’t surprising at all that finally an artisan has grabbed the buds and put them in his loaf.

For commercial opportunities.

Apparently the first in the country to “discover” the loophole that hemp is legal within the EU due to the 0.2THC upper limit the EU maintains, the baker — which news outlets wish to highlight is Jewish — has launched a new line of bread... cannabread.

Of course, we long had the cannacroissant in the UK, and pretty much elsewhere, but who are we not to celebrate some green loafer?

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