I try eat something

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Today I went to the greenhouse to find something to put in the meal, but a lot of things are still too small, so I got one thing and that's this big summer pumpkin that I put in the oven with the chicken to eat it with the mashed potatoes . I hope that mushrooms will come soon, so it will be possible to use them lot in food.

I hope all have cool summer day and not look all this Coin market all time, make time and walk out. Bear can make lot sad, but one walk in garden or in forest can make you feel more good.

I be soon back what new photos .










Homegrown vegetables are always a different type of joy altogether. And it's a blessing considering highly adulterated food in this modern world. No matter how much hard work it requires to sustain such a garden, it always gives immense pleasure.

Thank you!! ans true what you say ;)

Its feel very good that cooking vegetables which are farming own gardening, taste the best for upcoming days.

Thank you 🤗👌

Very nice crop! Well done! How many meals can you get out of that greenhouse per month?

I have no idea :)) .... but it takes some 4 weeks more when all plants give something :))

That's nice. And it's all year round or just a few months per year?

summer is here just 4 months ... winter all cone ... -20 not give nothing :))

Hello my friend @foxkoit.

Wouuu what a beauty, and how divine to be able to cook with fresh cut vegetables from our garden. What a delight.

Congratulations on keeping your plants so beautiful.

It is always gratifying to stop by, when my signal comes back.


Thank you!! .... I hope you have cool day also there and something fresh :)

wow it's great to be able to cook with such fresh vegetables. I like that the most. It makes us more excited to cook and it will be great to ẹnoy 😍😍

Thank you!! ... I hope you have also something there :))

I think you are doing pretty good! My garden has nothing available to harvest yet, except a bit of spinach. This year everything is late.

Give it time ... soon all good there where you are and you start have lot things :) ... I need some small time more too , then I have lot more things :)

It looked very inspiring.

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Thank you 🤗👌

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Why don't you grow parsley etc? It grows relatively fast and early.


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