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Our cooking QOTW challenge is over, so a big thanks to all of you who took part and made us a Paleo dish! You know, eating well starts with education, and diet can be quite a complicated topic! Even the best scientist disagree on many things, and so it helps to bring our knowledge together in challenges like these so we can learn and educate ourselves. Some of the posts were really excellent this week, with very nice explanations of Paleo and what it is. I had a good read and learned a few things myself! I also noticed that a few of us posted recipes which did contain ingredients that many but not all Paleo eaters would not include in their diet. Specifically, potatoes and things that are very high in carbs are not really eaten.. which YES makes it that much harder to follow a Paleo diet.

Whilst it may be a challenge to remove grains, pulses, dairy, carbs, sugar, processed foods and other things from our diets, it is well worth it if you seek to get healthy or stay healthy. Our diets have become very meat and carb based, and whilst Paleo does include Meat in its diet, there is a strong focus on fresh whole foods that are high in nutrients and prana. The proof is in the eating, and if you do follow a Paleo diet Im sure you will have plenty to testify about it!

So here are the posts that we had this week... Lovely response, and some new recipes to add to my list!


Roasted Sweet Potato, Beetroot & Rocket Salad - My First Attempt At Paleo Vegetarian

Given that none of us was actually HERE during the Paleolithic era, the Paleo diet involves considerable guesswork and conjecture. It also involves a lot of misconception, such as "Paleo means chomping on a large, charred-but-half-raw dinosaur bone and nothing else."

Is Paleo vegan or vegetarian even possible? Of course it is! And it most likely would have been the norm, in between large BBQ's when the exceptional women hunters of the tribe decided they all needed iron (given that women cycle together naturally) and decided a hunt was in order. Meals of starchy roots & tubers, fruits, berries, herbs, seeds, nuts and eggs would have been FAR MORE LIKELY and far more common given the abundance of an unspoiled natural world.


Going Paleo for Ecotrain QOTW Challenge...

Since I have gone to a ketogenic diet, which is a low carb, high fat diet which also eliminates grains, (read a previous post I did on Keto here and here), I am going to use Keto friendly recipes with a slight modification.

This time of year when it is colder outside (I live in the northern hemisphere) I make a lot of soups. A great base for my soup, plus something that can stand on it's own, is bone broth, full of nutrients, especially when you use the marrow bones.


Gluten Free Acorn Pancakes ◇ Modern Hunter-Gatherer Recipe

I made something I have never made; gluten-free pancakes. I'm not a no wheat diet type of person, not yet, but as I'm diving deeper into the world of re-wilding my interest in eating food meant for human consumption is growing.

At the same time... I would like to make this post my entry to @ecotrain's QOTW, Make Something Paleo to Eat!

Here's what I did (proudly without looking it up online!):


Let's Go Paleo - An Ecotrain QOTW Cooking Challange

First of all, when talking about what someone chooses to eat or not to eat, for whatever reason, I think it is entirely up to them and no one should judge or make fun of them for it. Therefor I want to respect each and every one's choices, no matter how weird it may seem to me. I wanted to make sure to mention this, because when it comes to categorizing eating habits into such things as vegan, raw-food, or localvore, what ends up happening is precisely this: that some passionate adherents to one such category start criticizing others for not following the rules properly.

"You can't claim to be an xyz-tarian if you don't follow exactly what's on this list!"

And to me that is unacceptable! I agree that our diets have a huge effect not only on our own physical and mental health, but on our culture, environment, etc. Still, it is always 100% the choice of the individual what they put into their bodies, how much thereof, and how frequently so. It's nobody else's business. Period!


Buntil: Indonesian Traditional Dish Wrapped in Edible Taro Leaves

Food wrapped in leaves usually has an authentic character and it can provide a wealth of sexy flavors. What about the leaves that can be used to wrap food but can also be eaten? So, let's talk about Taro Leaves.

There are various types of Taro trees, especially in Indonesia. In general, we distinguish between two types that often grow wild around the house, namely "green taro" and "brown taro". Green taro can be eaten, while the brown taro with dark chocolate stem can not be eaten. Usually, we use a type of brown taro for ornamental plants at home.


Native Paleo Foods in Eastern Saudi Arabia

Have a wonderful day everyone!

This the first time I met this word Paleo food, so I checked the meaning to be well informed and recognized it correctly.

Now I know that it is a caveman diet, or stone-age foods to have been believed available to humans a long time ago. And it is my big chance of introducing the food that I only knew how to cook it here in Saudi Arabia. I believe it belongs to the Paleo foods and I hope it will pass the criteria.

The first time cooking session I had been through was cooking "MAQASH". A new acquainted Indonesian friend taught me how to cook it by the order of our employer.

Maqash is made of lamb meat and vegetable cook in the oven by using a clay pot without oil.


A "paleo" dish for Aran - ecoTrain QOTW Challenge: Make Something Paleo to Eat! - Revised


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What did I learn most from this? That there are MANY definitions of Paleo! LOL And that the simple act of cooking consciously (instead of based on convenience or habit) is a wonderful practice.

So what's next, Mr Train Driver??

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ull have to wait n see! -)

It was a wonderful experience, @eco-alex. So stimulating is that feeling of penetrating a world far from the usual and feeling at ease. To investigate, to plan and to concretize in conscious act a dish to share with the others, is an act of sublime love, of recognition of the other one, of interweaving of essences. I congratulate us because we are growing horizontally with the kind guide of the one who directs the train. I feel part of you, as well as you and you are part of me and it feels very good.

thank you , what a beautiful comment.. namaste <3

Interesting post but there is too many I can not eat or digest if it comes to this food and what you cannot digest is useless to eat. At the moment I hardly eat, I am not hungry. Bread, wheat was already rare, so are potatoes and although there was a time I mainly ate fruit and it helped these days are over. Same if it comes to many kinds of vegetables. Happy day to all. 💕

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