Homemade burgers.🍔

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I think I've practiced making hamburger buns a lot and they get much better every time. And for my part, I love making bread more and more. Days ago I had to make approximately 35 hamburger buns. Since several uncles asked me to make bread for them.

What I do know is that I make hamburgers at home. My mom prepared a mayonnaise with a delicious smoky touch, I prepared the meat with onion, garlic, coriander and chili and it was very delicious and the bread I always like to add a sweet touch that looks great.

I have always heard that one does not cook to anyone and that is true. In this quarantine I have been in charge of cooking my mom a lot, she seems like a little girl every time I cook for her. In these last days she loves that I prepare hamburger buns, donuts or cinnamon rolls. And making her happy makes me much happier.

Here I will show you the cinnamon rolls and the donuts that I have prepared for her I know I was only talking about hamburgers but I also needed some sweet.



And I think my donuts were quite good and above all tasty.


And these are the delicious cinnamon rolls!

I think this quarantine has helped me a lot to prepare bread and improve. What do you like the most? Burgers or sweet breads?

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Se ve explotadoooo


You are very clever with your cooking and I would love to taste them. Are you thinking of a business venture with the buns and donuts. I am sure you would make lots of profit @denissemata😍

They are really tasty. I have an online sale of cakes, breads and donuts but with all this quarantine I have not had many sales. 😞

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Thanks so much 😊

Esos postres y hamburquesas se ven riquisimas, y lo ceritifico que estaban muy rixas porque tuve el placer de probarlas.

Oh no @dennissemata, these are all way too tempting! All of my favourites rolled into one post, not fair! I think my sweet tooth will win the day - donuts for me thanks;)