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A week from hell some would call it, starting with that Spicy Blue Monday, but I survived!

The weekend before that Monday went off really great - took our German guest on his last shopping expedition and did some window shopping while he went to buy dark roasted African Coffee Beans from my favourite The Green Bean Coffee Roastery. These photos are especially for all the shoppers at @dswigle's MarketFriday.


I did window shopping at the House of Frabrosanz; admiring gorgeous, colourful and stylish African designer outfits.
Does anyone remember just how much pleasure we got as children driving to the city centre and walking from store to store to admire what was on display in the shop windows? Or am I giving my age away again?
But really, this was way before we had televisions in the home and we had to think up affordable ways of entertaining - an ice cream cone with a chocolate flake pushed into it was the consolation before we headed back home!


FabroSanz (FRS) Fabulous Royalty Sandi – a fashion house for the stylish modern day working women with an intricate eye for beautiful garments made with vibrant African prints.


FRS introduced Pop – Up stores in various cities around the country in 2014 which promoted the brand excellently and they now boast customers around the country and abroad.


The snazzy number I showed you in the beginning; no wonder a Hollywood celeb from the series Empire bought from FRS at a private function a while back!


Passing Men's Shoe Centre, a shoe store that specializes in larger than life-sized shoes made me do a double take, surely not? I still don't know, but this was a shoe for a very large foot!


Why all the doom and gloom that started on that Blue Monday?

My strong little Mom Lily is getting frailer by the day, not surprising at the age of 88, but her fighting spirit is amazing!

The MRI showed that the tumour which is sitting inside that very determined little head is getting bigger thus causing significant compression on her brain with risks of seizures being a huge concern plus it is affecting her balance.

Nothing much can be done as Mom does not want to undergo risky surgery as her quality of life still is good, except for the many bumps and falls of late! However she now has a walker and is using it!

Tranquil courtyard at St Augustine's Hospital.

My beautiful Gran and Mom who have both been such inspiration to me and many other people.
Gran hasn't been around for a long time, but her legacy lives on in the life skills she taught many of us and also those special family recipes that's been passed on throughout the generations.

Chef line break.png

I started cooking and baking as a tiny tot, standing on Gran's kitchen chair and asking for the Decipe even though I could not even read at that stage!
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Tonight's the night that all the Fierce FooFong Food Fight Friday Friends and Foes gather and share enough Food to put those guys @dandays, @jlsplatts and @idig into a food coma before the real fight even starts!

Monday's menu dished up a Hearty Beef Stew made with boneless Beef Shin, Carrots, Onions, Potatoes and Sweet Corn on the cob chunks went down really well!

Tasty Tuesday's basic Quiche recipe slightly adjusted with whatever was available in the pantry and refrigerator.
Cheesey pastry topped with a creamy filling - milk, eggs, flour, baking powder, cheese, bacon bits, corn and peas.

Wacky Wednesday gave us the easiest Fish Pie ever, made with Deepwater Hake, Mushrooms, Onion, Tomatoes and a Cheese Sauce, served with the sweetest Corn on the cob.





Then it was Thrifty Thursday - Pasta twirls, Spring Onions, Onion, Tomato, Sweet Basil, Ham and Cheese Sauce, served with the remaining sweetest Corn on the cob.





One of our young student guests celebrated his birthday on Thursday night, so a birthday cake was in order. I can pretend I made it but that's not playing fair now is it, this was bought from our local little home industries shop Ietz Nietz.


I did make these vanilla cupcakes for their lunchboxes though!


I do hope all my FoodFightFriday Friends enjoy what I've brought to the table, my old belt is slowly starting to disintegrate, time to get a new one!
Chef line break.png

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I love that hearty beef stew, those chunks of corn look like an interesting way to add texture to it all. Another great entry. It’s a shame about your mother not wanting surgery, I have had some horrible experiences with doctors, it I am smart enough to know that it’s always better to be on the safe side in terms of health and getting things checked out.

Aww! Bless your sweet, dear mom!🙏
Hope that darn tumor stops growing and disrupting your mom's balance! It's terribly difficult watching parent/s make decisions we don't necessarily agree with...

You must have been quite the adorable, mini Julia Child when you were a little girl busy in the kitchen making your grandma's Decipes,
while my "breakthrough" moments were centered around an Easy-Bake oven!👩‍🍳

Your meals look delightfully delicious again this week and I especially like the quiche! @lizelle

It was super fun window shopping the stylish fashions with you!🛍

Awe what lovely feedback @ninahaskin, really appreciate it!
The tumour is very slow growing, they reckon it's been there a very long time and because mom took such good care of her health, her body adjusted to this nasty thing inside her head until about 4 years ago when the balance deteriorated.

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
upvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thank you so very much!

Learning to cook from young sounds so familiar Lizelle, except for me it was my Dad who taught me being an excellent cook. Oh don't get me wrong, Mum made the most yummy pies and Christmas puddings, I cannot bake HaHa!

Now back to your window shopping, those African print designer clothes are gorgeous, only only we were young enough to wear them!

Hopefully Mom manages better with a walker, taking falls at that age is not fun, I agree with her fully in not going the route of operations.

Your weekly meals are a treat, healthy full of nutritious ingredients.

@tipu curate

Thank you so much Joan, I tend to agree with Mom's thinking as she currently is still able to do things for herself! Really appreciate your thoughtful comments!

Delicious, Delicious and Delicious!!! I am feeling hungry! ha ha ha :D
Have a wonderful day!

Hope you enjoyed it even if it was only a virtual helping, thanks for popping in @hafizullah:)

Varied and beautiful everything, friend @lizelle. Greetings and a big hug!

Glad you enjoyed it @zeleiradordero, lovely seeing you here:)

I quite enjoy window shopping real shopping however is not something I enjoy, and that food looks so good

It's really been a hectic week, I could not even get a #wednesdaywalk in! Some shops I just look at but thank goodness they're not all like this exclusive boutique who will not see me opening up my purse;) Nice seeing you @tattoodjay!

My week was crazy as well and the next two weeks will be the same but I can handle that as its a good busy ;)

Have a great weekend

A good busy is good indeed:) Enjoy it!

I will do my best :)

Good post fellow❤️

Thank you!

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