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If you haven't yet realized that I am obsessed with wings. I thought I would remind you with some juicy pics of the most recent sauce monsters I have shoveled down my pie hole. I hope to inspire others in posting the amazing wings that they have had and post up some pics! Let's go! #FFF #wangs #wingseveryday

(Buffalo Wings - Buffalo Tap, Savage, Mn)

(Frogtown - Blue Door Pub, Minneapolis, Mn)

(Snackers with Chocolate, Carmel, Peanuts & Sweet Cream, D-Spot, Oakdale,Mn)

(Alfredo Wings - D-Spot, Oakdale, Mn)

(Buffalo and Cajun Broasted Wings - The Block SLP, St. Louis Park,Mn)

(Smoked Buffalo Wings - Whiskey Inferno Meat House & Craft Bar, Savage, Mn)

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ooo...look at the color. It looks so delicious!

Yes! So good!

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They all look amazing! Never heard of alfredo wings dangggg, & Snackers with Chocolate, Carmel, Peanuts & Sweet Cream dangggg🤤

@idig Yeah pretty unique! I love the odd flavors like that

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Oh man, that looks delicious!