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These delicious Russian sour cream waffles are to die for. A homemade waffle recipe that uses sour cream to create extra lift for a super-light and fluffy waffle with added flavor.

I have made 3 different flavours that I love, chocolate raspberry, plain vanilla and amaretto and peanut butter topped with honey blossom honey and crushed cookies and nuts, and it is all within one batch. You can also make all 3 of just 1 flavour that you prefer. These sour cream waffles are so fluffy, almost like eating a cloud. Absolutely delicious and addictive.

What are your favorite waffles?

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mmm yummy yummy! Hahaha It’s funny! I’ve returned to steemit after almost two years and you continue making delicious food but now to another level! Congrats!

That looks scrumptious. Find it interesting that they are made with sour cream. one of my favorite cheesecake recipes is made with sour cream. Have to keep reminding myself that sour cream is not just for nachos and tacos.. haha thanks for sharing.