How To Boost Your Dopamine And Serotonin Level

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Since these two chemical messengers have been proven to be beneficial and have the ability to improve our mental health for better productivity, it’s expedient to deliberately incorporate them into our diet. We will be considering some natural ways to get dopamine and serotonin into our body system through dieting and some foods to eat to achieve this. Although these two neurotransmitters regulate similar functions in the body, they produce different effects. So we will be looking into their components and functionality in isolation.

How to boost the release of serotonin in the body;

Exercise - Involving in physical exercise such as cycling, swimming, jogging, hiking, etc. can boost the release of serotonin which in turn results in feelings of excitement and hyperactivity. Exercising generally increases your energy level and makes you want to get to work.

Food - The subject of dieting and nutrition has been the basis of this line of thought from inception. Food is a very effective way of getting serotonin into the body system. Serotonin might not be gotten directly from food, but you can get amino acid tryptophan which is converted to serotonin in the brain. This can be found in highly proteinous foods. Introducing carbs into your diet can also boost the process. Some foods that contain a high level of tryptophan include eggs, poultry foods such as turkey or chicken, nuts, spinach, etc

Get bright light - Sunlight is very important, the brain responds to sunlight by producing serotonin, also tryptophan can also be converted into serotonin by vitamin D from the sun which in turn boosts happiness and wellness. In the absence of sunlight, you could settle for any natural bright light. People who suffer or are prone to depression are advised to get exposed to sunlight which could help regulate their mood.

Massage - Getting massage therapy can increase serotonin levels. Massages get you into a very calm state and could also regulate your mood and make you feel more relaxed and well. So try visiting a massage therapist.

Nature - Having a feel of nature is also a way to boost serotonin production. The natural feel could ease off stress and promote a happy mood.

Music - Music is also an effective way to boost serotonin levels. So you could also consider listening to any good music of your choice.

Since serotonin is vital in promoting healthy mental health and wellbeing, applying these few methods among several others could help get enough into our bodies, increase mental health and general wellness.