Date Nights

in food •  7 days ago 

Hi Friends,

Many restaurants around us are barely hanging on during these times where people cannot come in and dine. My wife and I have been trying to support some of the smaller local restaurants from time to time by ordering once the kids are asleep. Here are a couple of dishes we enjoyed recently:



Sushi is our go to on date night as the kids won’t eat it, and we also tried a new Croatian joint recently and I had a delicious goulash. Good meals for good nights.

Only problem with date night right now is that nothing is open - I look forward to getting back to the bowling alley, the movie theatre or something else fun after dinner.

Thanks for coming by today,

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Same here. We ordered take away from our favorite restaurant and found out they could not deliver enough (demand too high). All in all most of retail and some horeca (hotel restaurant and cafe's we call together horeca) are being blown away still. Money is not rolling....

well eating without kids buzzing around to disturb romantic dinner