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RE: McDonald's isn't out of burgers due to Scott Travis promotion!

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Have you heard of the Boston rapper Mr. Lif? He’s got some incredible lyrics, completely different than the swill that’s plays on the radio. I’ll check out the one you linked.

Home of the brave


That was pretty dope. The beat was good and the theme is on point. I couldn't catch all the lyrics the first time through but I heard plenty of knowledge. Thanks for the link!

Think it's post-covid, we heard something about getting arrested for walking in groups more than 2. Yikes!

Yeah for sure you’re welcome! There’s a couple local New England lyricists that do a damn good job of putting out some powerful songs but also have some incredible beats.

I think because I listen to Lif a lot I hear all the words but with him I can definitely see that you have to get used to his voice.

So much of Lif’s material is full of powerful stuff from a lyrics perspective. I love his earlier albums but his recent stuff is good too.

Then you’ve got this guy from Rhode Island I think, sage francis. This is one of my favorite songs of his.

Sage Francis - Slow down Gandhi

And a different guy from Boston, virtuoso. I got into him for his beats but then I started to pay attention to the lyrics and he’s great!
Virtuoso - Fahrenheit 911

Edit- I just listened to the guy you linked, DISL automatic and he’s got some good flow and his lyrics destroy these radio tools. I’ve got another rapper I listen to that sounds very similar to him but I don’t want to keep dropping links so let me know if you want one more lol

Thanks, those were both great conscious tracks. I was feeling Virtuoso a bit more. I'm quite picky, I want an aesthetic sound, but even more important is the lyrical content and skill.

You may already know Steve Grant but if not, and you have 5 minutes to listen, here's one of his bangers: