Cooking with @fat-elvis - Australian Angus steak

in food •  26 days ago 

hi everyone.

I lime where cows come from, The Canadian Prairie, so why, the heck, would I buy Australian beef?? Well, I know I can tell when a restaurant uses US beef, I wonder if Australian is different.


Ladies and Gentlemen, can it get any better than a chunk of beef on the smoker?


Served up with some fresh spinach and strawberries in a salad.


So does it taste different? Well, yes. It totally has a different flavor to our beef. Awesome. It is delicious, but different than our cold weather beef.

Cheers peeps.

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Oh wow. The meat looks juicy 🤤

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How do you get to your house, and what time is dinner tomorrow? Looks very tasty! Thanks for sharing and me and @silvertop will be right over!

You folks are always welcome at the @fat-elvis house for dinner!.

AC (after covid), we all need to figure out a way to meet somewhere and have a SGS gathering somewhere. Have a wonderful evening @fat-elvis!