Cooking with @fat-elvis - From the ground

in food •  21 days ago  (edited)

hi all.

Was a great Hive-voice-chat today. @summertooth was running around picking up dog eggs. @elizabethbit and @silvertop were chasing away bears and tigers and shit in their mountain retreat, @silverd510 was messing up shirts with his mighty sweat, @silversaver888 was growing tomatoes, and I suspect... the devils lettuce. @enginewitty was talking over my head about the crypto world, @vgholdilngsllc was making his beard more powerful than ever, and I.... well I did a frame off restoration of a Chevy van.

But whats for dinner? Well a salad of spinach and strawberries, right out of the garden. Along with some kebabs of Grade 1 Saskatchewan beef and shrimp.

Its really cool, even if its short lived, pulling food from your own back yard. Everyone should do gardening.

Take care everyone, and remember, we are all in it together.

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Don't spill any water on that wood table😜

Really fucker.....🤣



Yum!!! Great chatting with you and SGS, @fat-elvis! Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Cheers Saver. Was a good chat for sure

@fat-elvis, you really know how to live! Do you take takeout orders LOL! The food looks delicious, and it was really nice talking to everyone today! Have a wonderful week my friend!

Today was a blast on the chat! Thanks for being there @fat-elvis and for your post which makes me smile! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!🤗🤗

Chat was awesome. Was awesome talking with you folk.

You as well friend! We look forward to Saturday chats! 😎

I went to bed when you guys started the chat. Nice food !