Lockdown Kitchen - multi-cultural devilled eggs

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Hi all.

I'm sharing a recipe that literally no one has been asking for. My spin on devilled eggs.


Hard boil and peel eggs. Alternatively, you can buy pre cooked and peeled eggs.


Cut them all in half lengthwise. I know the knife can sort of stick to the egg, making it a bit difficult to get a clean cut, if that happens, wipe the blade with some neutral oil.



Now pop the yolks out and add them to a mixing bowl. I add the following, in my devilled eggs, and here's where we get a bit international.


Worcestershire sauce, about 1/2 tsp. Japanese mayo, about 1 tbsp. German hot mustard, about 1 tbsp. Hot sauce, I added about 1 tsp, but this one isn't very hot, maybe about like Sriracha. I also added some dried dill. Mix all that in with the yolks.


Fill up the egg whites. If you have a piping bag kit, you could use that, I just used a spoon. Sprinkle on some paprika and enjoy.


Thanks for reading and Bon Appetit.

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