The best home made pizza!

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When it comes to homemade pizza no one does it like Stacie D! (@freedomtowrite)

Hand made pizza is an art. It isn't simply throwing things together and calling it good. It has order. It has purpose.

Stacie D's pizza dough is the same as her bread stick recipe. It is light, fluffy, and flavorful. It cooks through and still pulls apart easy enough.

The thing with making pizza at home is that we have to make so much. Out family eats like a small army or traveling circus haha. Each pizza is 14 to 16 inches, and she makes 5 of them!

Maybe it isn't all her, but she does the lion share. All of the toppings are cut up and put into bowls. We each take turns going through and constructing our own designs and then they bake one at a time. So it turns into a production line.

This works pretty well for us. We keep it all plant based and whole food based....except for the Tofurkey italian sausage!

This is a picture of my personal pizza. I could not ask for anything finer!

Sauce, onion, green pepper, black olive, tomato, "sausage", broccoli, crush cashew

Be well
~The Yeti

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Looks yummy indeed - great idea for "Pizza Friday"

For sure!

Damn that is one stacked pizza lol now can’t all of them be as generous with the toppings

Haha yep..5 pizzas all stacked up like this one

This is tasty looking. Them tofurky sausages are not bad. I threw some in a quick pasta the other day and I enjoyed it.

My favorite is adding the to kabobs! It is so good.

The pizza looks epic mate. But where do you stand on condiments? I personally dip my pizza in mayo, some people love ketchup or garlic and herb dip and I even had chilli-olive oil once?

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Hhmmm i like extra sauce to dip in. And papa johns pizza has that garlic sauce that is awesome!!

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