Review: Organic Celery Juice.

in food •  7 days ago 


The best way to start the day is by hydrating. Hydration is the key to good health and when you wake up, is the best and most important time to do so.

Juice is also easy to digest and provide easily absorbable nutrition on top of hydration.


The Good: Organic!

Non GMO.


It’s cold pressed.

It’s 100% juice.



Also like the aesthetics and branding. Thrival is a great word!

The not so good: it’s not local it’s a pretty big brand. So it’s mega Corp. product.


It comes in a plastic bottle which of course makes it far cheaper to the consumer as it’s cheaper to make and ship than glass and unless you continually up cycle and reuse that glass it’s not any less unsustainable.

It doesn’t taste that great, though it’s drunk for health mostly and it is.

Of course making it yourself is the best other than that, this is a great value for what you get.


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