Review: Organic Grazed Whole Chocolate Milk. Amazing

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We have been saying for years that the BLM movement is actually a soft operation a paid propaganda movement hijacking good human nature for progress any quality for a diabolical agenda.
This is a product that checks all the boxes of a good product.

First off and And of course most importantly a taste great and not going to find a chocolate milk for tea better than this one.and of course most importantly a taste great and not going to find a chocolate milk that taste better than this one.

No after that for most people the other aspects of greatness to this product don’t matter so much but check those boxes too.

It’s a small local company not a huge mega corporation which means that not only are you most likely getting a higher quality product with more care but it’s actually going to a family instead of a huge mega corporation advertising packaging shipping factories insurance etc..

It’s also a fairly sustainable product at least a sustainable as you can be in a disposable container. It’s Pastor Grazy so the cows are not living on GMO grains imported from around the world personally makes it more sustainable and natural for the earth but also again a higher quality product as they are consuming their natural food instead of fake GMO calories.


The packaging could potentially be the only downside it’s not especially aesthetically pleasing and it also comes in a plastic bottle which is recyclable if you choose to do so but likely no one is going to reuse. How are that does make for a much cheaper product as plastic is cheaper to produce and also much cheaper to ship.

All in all this is just about the best chocolate milk ever going to be able to get from the store highly recommended A++


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Small company, organic, grass fed, etc etc etc.... all just terms to make humans feel better about enslaving sentient animals and using them for their breastmilk, flesh, hides, and bones. We need nothing from animals for our diets, and milk actually depletes our bodies of nutrients, while containing blood, pus, and feces. It really doesn't matter that religious people were the ones paid to do these things, and not some big corporation. The cows don't want it, they don't consent, and they are enslaved, used, raped to continue the milk production, and eventually killed. And we shouldn't forget that animal agriculture (including the mythical "happy" cows) is the #1 cause of greenhouse gasses. Far more than all oil products man has ever burned. "Certified humane" is a lie to sell products.

Just stop drinking breastmilk. It's stupid and it's wrong, no matter how hard you try to justify it.