I Got an Air Fryer for Christmas! ~ #letsgetfryin'

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I really wasn't expecting this at all. Having such a large family, my mom is notorious for getting all of my brothers and I the same. exact. things...usually socks, a 12 pack of assorted beers, maybe a colored robe or some indoor slippers.

But this year! She switched it up. My brother @roundoar03 got a new Pea Coat which he didn't even think of, but sorely needed. He was happy as a clam.

My other bro @straightforward got a pair of Ugg slippers. Which were really nice, if he hadn't just gotten a way cheaper pair from our other brother in the name exchange, lol. Mom said he could return them and get whatever he wanted. Ugg's aint cheap, so he'll put that $ to good use.

So far, I'd say she's done really well!

I had a semi-heavy square box, nothing like theirs. Usually when one brother opens one gift up, we can deduce what box has that exact same item and essentially know all of our presents after only opening one.

But not this time. I had to be cautious though. She likes to reuse boxes. So when you open it and see an item, chances are the item in the box is not the item on the box, ya feel me?

So when I ripped off the wrapping paper and saw it was an air fryer, I was ecstatic ...but hesitant to believe it actually was an air fryer. I know she had just bought one a few months ago for herself, so she was probably just re-using the box.


But to my delightment, it WAS an air fryer!

I had no clue this gift was even in the realm of possibilities, and she hit it out of the ball park.

I have a phenomenal mom. Super blessed, and not just because she got me an air fryer! ;) lol

The next day I got busy.

Grilled Cheese for lunch!


Center Cut Loin Strip for dinner, with Fries




Buffalo and Sweet & Sour Wings in the making now for fantasy football championship day.


I'm really excited about these ones. I'll be sure to let y'all know how they turned out.

Happy Sunday Funday and Happy Holidays! Hope y'all had a great Christmas spent with your loved ones.


Oh man such a great gift. We got one last year from my son and daughter-in-law and I use it all the time.
Happy cooking.
Happy New Year, go 2021, go bitcoin!!

I may be borderline obsessed, wondering what next I can airfry. "Oh, that sounds good!", is my quip after reading different food blogs. But it's tough to choose some time. Feel free to throw me one of your faves!

Happy cooking to you! HNY! And GO BTC!...and maybe Hive? lol

My wife and I love our air fryer. We actually just picked up a bigger one for ourselves this past month. We are probably going to move our old one to our travel trailer to take camping with us. We were both pretty skeptical of them, but the first time we did egg rolls and they came out super crispy, we were hooked. It is amazing what an air fryer can do for cold left over take out fries!

Just adds another tool to my kitchen tool belt. Had to move the blender off the counter top and reorganize everything to give it its own home. It's gonna get a lot of use so it serves its own little spot.

That is awesome. We purchased our instantpot and our air fryer right around the same time and we really love them both. I think if we had to choose only one it would probably be the air fryer, but they both have so many uses!

The danger of trusting a box before opening it is well-known here, too. Have fun cooking!

Shoot, thanks man! Meant to get back to ya sooner. I am having fun!

Air fryers are the best, we got one from our daughter-in-law. She didn't have enough room on her counter to be able to keep it out. She only used it once and then gave it to us, her bad.
I see that you have a few brothers that also blog on #hive, I'll have to check them out.

Ugg slippers, I got a pair of them also for Christmas, I haven't taken them off since I got them! 😁

Nice dude! I've been going crazy with mine. I feel bad for my pans and stove top, just sitting there, looking at me all jealous.

2 of my bro's have accounts here, @straightforward hasn't done anything in the years since he made the account. Wouldn't expect that to change much.

@roundoar03 was very active, and has since just pops in here and there to see what's going on. If he reads this, I hope he becomes more active in 2021 :)

The Uggs are no joke man, good stuff. Glad your feetsies are enjoying them!

Just reading this for the first time 😂 Had to pop in and see whats up!

Was wondering when you'd show up

Have a great NEW YEAR my friend!