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I've got less than a month left here in mini-soda, so I am trying to get some things done I've been wanting to do, but didn't have the time for. One of those things was taking the recommendation of one of my old regulars to have dinner at "Lindey's Prime Steak House". And I'm glad I did.


This neon is as high tech as it gets here at Lindey's, lol

This ain't your grandpas steak place! always hear that when people are trying to say that this is new and better.

Well...this IS your grandpas steak place and I wouldn't want it any other way.

From the moment you see the restaraunt, an older lodge style building, it reminds you of a simpler time. It reminded me of the restaurant's I would go to with my grandparents when I was a young lad either in New Hampton, Iowa or West Salem, Wisconsin where the median age for the town is probably 70, lol. No frills, just good food and superb hospitality. Even the bartender was probably in his late 60's. You just don't see that at any modern place now days.


Lindey's Prime Steak House
You will find Lindey's Prime Steak House nestled in woody Arden Hills, reminiscent of a northern cabin from the 1950s—a unique atmosphere that is both casual and warm with its knotty cedar paneling and its large stone fireplace. First established in 1958, Lindey's is still family-owned and operated by the second generation of Lindemer's.

The steak-centric menu is clearly a meat lover's dream come true! Lindey's offers steak, steak, and more steak. Sides are a simple but tasty affair: pickled watermelon rind, salad, and garlic bread, to name a few. Don't forget to save room for Muddy Paws Cheesecake.

Lindey's fully stocked bar, affordable menu, and attentive staff tend to turn first-time diners into regulars. We hope you will visit us soon, take some time to become a part of our history, and indulge in tradition.


Outside building pics just not quite doin' it for ya?! Well let me acquiesce your desire for how a meal like this should go.

All you can eat toasted garlic bread


All you can eat greaseless potatoes


Me and my buddy Piter both got the Lindey's Special, cooked Medium-rare. Also added on a plate of the mushrooms, which were phenomenal.



Everything served table side, just like back in the day.






At the beginning before we ordered, the strawberry cheesecake was the plan for dessert, but after that meal, I needed a got damn wheel barrow just to get me to my car.

Got to check Lindey's off my to do list, have some great convo with my best bud, and enjoy a night without the kids in my hair. I'd call it a successful night.


You ever been to Lindey's? Or have an old school steak house you like?

Thanks for reading! :)


That is really awesome. We used to go to an old school steak house about once a year when I was a kid. It was called the Ember's and now it is shut down. I remember the four of us would always get the Filet. That is why we only went once a year! This place looks really phenomenal! Nice pick! I am glad you got to experience this! Hopefully in a couple of months you will be enjoying some equally tasty carne asada!

Ah, The Ember's and not "Embers"...hahaha. Embers was like a Perkins round these parts, not sure how far they stretched across the US. Don't think I would ever order a steak from Embers.

It's interesting that you say filet, becuase Lindey's only offers the Sirloin cut. Must have been a biz model decision back in the day, it worked well, and they just never changed. I'm more a rib-eye guy than sirloin, but if you do it right, like they did, it can be amazing.

I'm gonna be Mr. Carne Asada here in no time, lol.

Thanks for swinging by, per usual, @bozz.

Yeah, no problem. This was a small family owned joint, not part of the chain that you remember. They used to do a little relish tray that my parents would always get. Cheese and crackers, all that sort of stuff. My favorite on the relish tray was the peas and peanuts. So tasty!

Supper club style! I do love a good supper club - they are all over the place around here. Did they have the Christmas lights on in the bar area too?

Supper club style, yeah, that's the best way to phrase it. Good call.

No Christmas lights like you see on the outside, but a nice backlit reddish hue gave the small bar an old school vibe. Wanted to use the pic in the post but couldn't find a good spot for it, thanks for asking about the bar!


Not bad! I'm sure they can make a mean Old Fashioned, too

My regular said their cocktails are top notch. I enquired about an Old Fashioned and he said they're reallly good. If I wasn't on an alcohol hiatus currently, I would have had one.

ah nice...good for you - those cleanses are worth it

Too many old school American restaurants went under or came under new management and lost their charm, or turned into overcrowded shells of themselves like Matt's or Lion's Tap. Seems like this one hasn't. I've never been but now I'm interested. The price seems a little steep for sirloin, but those potatoes look enticing too. And I've paid more for Murray's fucking delicious sirloin, tbh.

What's special about the Lindey's Special? Prime sirloin sounds a little better, if ya gotta do sirloin.

It definitely still has that old feel charm. I wasn't kidding when I said that neon sign is as close to modern as they get, haha.

The Lindey's Special is also a Prime cut, but it's the inside cut, vs the outside cut is what I was told. So the special is more tender, thus the extra dollar.

I'd def check it out man, you won't be disappointed. I didn't drink, but my buddy told me the drinks can be spendy, so just prepare for that if you plan on embibing.

I've never been to Lindey's, but it sure sounds good! I enjoye reading your post!

It was great! Thanks for reading and commenting @ecuadorhomestead

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