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RE: McDonald's isn't out of burgers due to Scott Travis promotion!

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I'm always promoting my man Tom MacDonald....this post specifically seems fitting. No manager, no publicist, no PR, no marketing, nada....just him and his girl.


He's awesome! :-)

McDonalds should have "collabbed" with Tom MacDonald instead!

Bahah, yeah I found Tom a couple years back, that track was one that I liked a lot. Whiteboy was also bang on! To be honest, that's one criticism I have with my brother Disl Auto - he's almost apologetic for being white. I realize I don't understand ALL the nuances of race and hiphop, but I'm certain that Disl has gone too far into social justice warrior land. I think it's the influence from his sister Sinthesis (featured in some of his music). She's a hardcore 3rd wave feminist. I feel like sexism and racism are problems, but they have both been amplified and blown out of proportion, to be used against us the people. I'm egalitarian - full on equality for all humans. I don't like anti-racism. To me, anti-racism is racist. We need to get over our differences, not play the victim card, while everyone without a card has to grovel and pay reparations. BLM is racist, and perpetuates inequality. Just like 3rd wave feminism is sexist, and perpetuates sexism. What we need is equality, not racism to fight racism, or sexism to fight sexism. So it's nice when rappers like Tom are willing to be real on that topic.

True, DISL did go hardcore into the pawn movements, but I think/hope he's starting to realize it and regrets some of his stances. It's a lesson to be learned...are we sometimes being pawns or useful idiots when we think we're doing good? But being egalitarian without subscribing to ideologies...and asking these questions to keep yourself in check is probably a sign you're on the right track.