Thanksgiving Breakfast?! Bring on the FIRE!!!! ~ #noturkeynoproblem

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If you're not cooking with rum in your breakfast, you're doing it wrong, lol.

In preparation of stuffing our gullets later at the in-laws, I figured we needed some practice. That meant delicious scrambled eggs, with flambéed onions and mushrooms, sausages, and my secret family recipe for the perfect breakfast potatoes.







BOOM! The house didn't get set on fire, and breakfast was served!



Don't forget the coffee!!!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! It can seem hard to be thankful right now given certain circumstances. But you're breathing. Try and think of what ya got, instead of what ya don't. Peace and love to all of ya!


So glad it turned out alright. When I saw the rum I was afraid you were hitting the bottle then torching up the spray coming out of your mouth, just for fun. Hey, everyone has their own definition of FUN😁
I am sure that breakfast was de-lish.

Hahaha, I don't think the wife would have liked to clean up the mess that would have been. I'll stick with basic flambee'ing for now. Unless of course I get to do this outside next year ;) I'll keep ya posted.

Have been busy and missed this little gem, you had me laughing from the very first picture. #farm-mom just said to me that she thought you may be a good cook, she felt you were the type of gentleman that would enjoy cooking. Just a quick reminder, I HATE COOKING, BUT LUV EATIN!

Well, I guess she hit the nail on the head. Only top chefs use the old propane trick to add the final touch!

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family @intothewild

I am that type of gentleman that likes to cook. I love to eat too, don't get me wrong....but I love the process of building flavors....flavors that I eventually get to eat, mwhaa hahaha.

Hope y'all had a great Turkey day too!

With just the two of us, #farm-mom couldn't find a turkey to buy that was under 20 lbs, so she opted to purchase a couple of cornish hens instead. that worked as she had all of the fixings that go with a Thanksgiving meal.