Cheez-It - Extra Toasty Edition - A Quick Snack Review

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Cheez-It Extra Toasty Edition

Extra Toasty Edition
Snack Review

On Tuesday I brought my car to put new tires put on. I had to wait a little while so I decided to walk to a Walgreens that was next door to the tire shop. I noticed a box of "Extra Toasty" Cheez-Its so I bought them and gave 'em a shot. I'm a big fan of the original Cheez-Its, so I was excited to see how these were.

According to the box, "Extra Toasty" was the #1 requested Cheez-It flavor to be made. Apparently people have been requesting extra toasty Cheez-Its for years. Personally, I never even thought of such a thing, but once I saw it, I had to give a try.


As you can see by the photo below, the Cheez-Its are a little darker than usual. They were toasted and browned a bit. The cheddar flavor was not as sharp as the original Cheez-Its, but they definitely had a toasty taste.


Overall, the Extra Toasty Cheez-Its were pretty good. I would've liked to get a box of original Cheez-Its so that I could do a side-by-side comparison. But oh well, I ate that box FAST.

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Haha... Now that should come out with "Vintage Oreo's" which are the ACTUAL SIZE of Oreo cookies that we used to get in the box 30 years ago. The size of cookies back then was equivalent to the "mini" versions of today ...