Canning Carrots and Beets

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From My Raised Bed Garden

National Center for Home Food Preservation

I canned all the carrots and beets from our garden for stews this winter. I used pint jars because the carrots and beets will be used in soups and stews. My beds look like they blew up with over grown plants now. This picture was taken in early summer.



I definitely need to make the next two beds two feet deep for my root crops, one foot isn’t deep enough.


My All American holds seven quart jars or at least 14 pint jars.


I cut up the beets to the size I’d use in my dishes, cram them in a jar, pour filtered hot water an inch from the top plus a pinch of salt. You could add any spice you want but I prefer to add spices when making a meal.


I add around two inches of water to the pressure cooker, heat on high until 10lbs pressure is reached and turned down to medium. Cook for 25 minutes and let the canner sit until pressure cooker gauge hits zero.


My stove top is perfect for heavy pots and high heat, heating is fast and precise. I am so happy with this new Whirlpool gas range. Let the canning season begin!

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Beets in a stew? I haven't seen or tasted that. Is it just a meat, potatoes, carrots type stew?

I have thought of what may be an easier way to deepen your beds.
dig a hole!

Dig a hole, mix what comes out with a lot of wood chips (lots of green stuff too, if you can get it) then put it all back in the hole, and put a raised bed thingy on top of it.

It might be easier than trying to make those metal things twice as tall.

That’s what I’m going to do, it’s like you read my mind. I’ll be laying down a bunch of old dead limbs and compost, Great minds think alike 🤗

The beets go in soup, like Russian beet soup, I forgot the soups name. You have cold and hot beet soups.

Very useful this canned food while it usingbin souo and other vegetables with salad, this gas stove working very affirmative way.