Vitamin C

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All you need to know about Vitamin C


This article is great for those who know little to nothing about vitamin C. In this article, I'll explain what vitamin C does, what foods to find vitamin C in, and how you know when you have a vitamin C deficiency.

For starters, vitamin C is needed by your body for its healing and maintenance properties, and since the body doesn't already have this vitamin, it is taken naturally from food. Namely, Fruits and vegetables.

What vitamin C does in detail

Despite many beliefs, vitamin C does not cure the common cold. It does, however, make the common cold less serve and pass over quicker.

Vitamin C is known for healing wounds by helping to create collagen which is vital for the healing process.
Collagen heals wounds by calling new skin cells to the wound site. Collagen helps heal skin faster and makes places for new tissue to heal.

Vitamin C helps the bones, immune system, and muscles by keeping them healthy and making sure they work properly.

          Vitamin C Deficiency 

Deficiency means that you do not have enough or are lacking something. A vitamin C deficiency is not having enough vitamin C in your body, which is bad.

There is a sickness called scurvy, which is purely a vitamin C deficiency at its worst.

Some early signs of scurvy are:
Appetite loss
Painful muscles and joints

You can tell when you have scurvy when you have:
Bleeding gums or tooth loss
Dry skin
Slow-healing wounds

Scurvy and vitamin C deficiency are very similar as scurvy is a disease that derives from vitamin C deficiency though I believe there are a few differences.
Early signs of a vitamin C deficiency are:
Mood is bad
You can tell if you just plainly have a vitamin C deficiency when:
Rough skin
Bruised easily
Slowly healing wounds
Poor immune system

If you have early symptoms or simply just want to get more vitamin C in your body, the next section is just on that topic.

     Ways to get vitamin C

Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and even some vegetables. To name some, there's a lot of vitamin C in:
yellow,Red & Green chili peppers

Vitamin C is ultimately healthy for the immune system and healing. And now you know what vitamin C does, what a deficiency looks like, and what foods you can eat to get some vitamin C!