More Smoking

in food •  22 days ago 

Here is another smoked food. This is Baby Back pork ribs. Some recipes call for 6-8 hours cooking with a low temperature of around 180 degrees. This recipe is a shorter one, 3 hours at a higher temperature of 325 degrees tkj110.jpg

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Can I ask, the difference in the cooking time and temperature...Does that have a big impact upon the end result, taste and texture? And if not why bother cooking for the longer period?

(Now you made me hungry!) Lol.

The taste is pretty much the same. As far as texture, the slower cook at a low temp has quite a difference. The meet is much softer and practically falling off the bone. That day, I need them done quicker as a was having company and didn't have time for the 6+ hours.

Ah ok, so I guess longer could be considered the better option and shorter for those times when you just can't wait! Lol.