Natural ways to reduce body heat

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Ways to cool the body

  • drink buttermilk
  • keep your wrists under cool running tap water for thirty seconds
  • eat salads that have cucumber and watermelon but not papaya or pineapple or mangoes
  • drink water
  • avoid sodas
  • take a bath
  • wear loose clothes that are light in color
  • do not eat fatty food that takes time to digest
  • avoid spicy foods

Body heat can be caused due to a lot of factors such as climate changes, body conditions, foods that are heavy and takes time to digest, dehydration

The first thing one should do is to drink water and wash hands and face. Body heat can cause headaches and so, it is common for women to get headaches during the menstrual period. Drinking water from time to time is the best cure and has no side effects.

All fruits are not cooling for the body. So, we should avoid mixed fruit juices because most store-bought ones may contain more of pineapple, papaya, and mango(in Asia). It is also best to avoid white sugar and therefore juices that contain sugar and preservatives.

Citrus fruits are also good and do wonders to boost immunity.

This is the time when the climate should be cool but it is hot and also very humid. That is what prompted me to write about this topic.

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[cucumbers from last season]


Disclaimer: The above is written from personal knowledge and is not intended to be medical advice
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Remember that if you sit before your PC for hours, it will increase body heat. So, make it a point to get up and walk and also drink water. Avoid fast food and junk.


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Thank you, Sir

Water and water melon are my go to, to keep hydrated. I don't drink butter milk as I am vegan, wondering why butter milk is top of your list? xxx

We make curd and so get the butter milk after extracting the butter. We are vegetarians, so use dairy products. Thanks

I always get so hot around my bleeding time! Summer is coming up so I'm thinking ahead - mint leaves in ice cubes and frozen berries!

Great remedy