Vegan biscuits. Preparing for Christmas!

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This is a new recipe for me and I have to admit that the first batch was slightly burnt and I threw them away…other than that, I think that this is a very easy recipe of cookies to escort your tea or coffee. It is dairy free, so I can eat them now that it is fast period here in Greece.


Ingredients: ½ cup of margarine (leave it outside the fridge or warm it on the side), 1 cup of sunflower oil, ½ cup of orange juice, 1 tsp of cooking soda powder, 1 tsp of baking powder, 4 cups of all purpose flour, ¾ cup of caster sugar, 1 tsp of cloves powder, ½ of sesame seeds, ½ cup of soda water


Sift your flour in advance, along with the baking powder and leave them on the side.


In your food processor (I was quite lazy!), put the margarine and the sunflower oil along with the sugar and mix well. Add the cloves powder, while mixing. In your cup of orange juice, add the soda powder. Be careful to add it while keeping the cup over the mixture of sunflower oil as it tends to boil over. Keep mixing altogether. Then add the flour little by little. Towards the end, kneed the mixture with your hands. Make any kind of shapes you like, preferably small ones. Don’t forget that they expand... shower them in a bowl where you have put the sesame with the soda water. Spread them on a tray (I used baking paper) the one far from the other.

Bake in pre-heated oven for 15-17’ in 160C.

Let them cool down, or eat them while still hot!



I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Thank you very much!

Just loved the recipe. I want to taste it.

Do try it!

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What a pleasure for me your recipe! This îs what I expected.

What a pleasure you keep reading my recipes!!!! Thank you so much!

With pleasure! You know I'm an admirer of Greece, with everything that comes or has to do with it. I am so sorry that many Greek colleagues have left Steemit, you are the only one I interact with. It would be @onceuponatime but it is too sophisticated for me, I am not a good English speaker and often don't understand what he means and I don't want to give ridiculous answers.
I must thank you because you remind me of Greece whenever you post recipes or travel blogs.

I would like to think that both Romanians and Greeks have a lot of sentiment, compared to northern europeans who are more strict...
I hope you have a great day!!!

Yes, fortunately, Greece and Romania have been close throughout their existence. I'm so glad for that.
I wish you a pleasant week!

"...the first batch was slightly burnt and I threw them away…"

Not even the birds would eat a slightly burnt cookie? :-)
p.s. If I never ate slightly burnt things I would probably starve to death LoL

Heheh!!! I was so angry and threw them away!!!


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