From homemade vegan aioli to eggless garlic mayonaise, take it one step further!

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I'm so excited! Yesterday I showed you the aioli I made from scratch with a pestle and mortar. Somehow when you grind garlic, a little bit of lemon juice and salt to a fine paste and mix it with oil and keep grinding everything in the mortar, you got this creamy emulsion. That was already miraculous. Now I thought I'd take that one step further as I LOVED the aioli taste but I felt as a mayonnaise for general use it's a bit strong maybe. So I wanted to try and see how much oil I could keep adding in before the mixture would stop emulsifying. Well, it didn't stop. and I even added a teaspoon of mustard and some more vinegar and even a little water when it got even too thick and I got this:


Proper eggless garlic mayonnaise. And my goodness that is tasty. Still quite garlicky since there's still 5 cloves in there, but very yummy.
I think I'll try and start with two cloves next time and see how much oil I can keep on adding to make it into a mayonnaise.

I hope you'll give it a try and let me know how it turned out. I'd love to see pictures of your garlic mayonnaise!

Love Wombloom


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