Our Prize Giving will Continue: Congrats to Edition 2 Winners!

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Once again we truly thank @qurator team for organising this and also the judges @travelgirl and @livinguktaiwan for chairing the judging.

Due to the recent affairs of the COVID-19 and uncanny drama from the #steem acquisition of the new owner, we decided to delay a little to announce the results and prizes; just in case there is an error while publishing.

That being said

We are very delighted with though 2 entries only, it was a tough choice for the judges because desserts can be tricky in terms of rice-flour usage as it is gluten-free.

And we are more than happy to present our prizes in STEEM (since they are international participants) for their effort to think of a new way to present a new dish for our Facebook Page's showcase.


WINNER - @uzairk !


The cake is simple and you used the egg as the binding agent. Plus the melting marshmallow, simple and brilliant. I believe anyone can do this at home.

As per the current price from @coingecko, 30.793 STEEM will be on its way to your account.

RUNNER UP - @amy-goodrich


Once again you have wowed us with your creativity, and I am very sure that many will look forward to try such a recipe during one of those lazy weekends.

As per the current price from @coingecko, 18.591 STEEM will be on its way to your account.

However, last but not least; we spotted a last minute submission for the contest, unfortunately by the time it was submitted, the contest has already been close.


We are very much amazed by @olivia08 's creativity, even without plain rice flour, she literally made it herself.

We hope that she will be able to submit before the end of March for the 3rd rice-illicious Edition 3, (See the details here), and with that, we would like to gift her a 1 STEEM for her effort.

We are truly blessed and grateful for the creativity of this community; even when the time is getting tough in this STEEM community, we will keep supporting those who are willing to step out of their usual cooking comfort zone for this season's challenge.

And as promised...


Our winner's post is now showcased in our Facebook page.

Once again we thank you the @Qurator team, guest judges and @dses for making this happen.

Moving Forward for March

We now will look forward for this month’s Round 2 Rice-illicious February Cook-off Competition and we hope that you will be able to come join us this round with the theme:


This can be very easy because Asian desserts have a really wide range that relies on Plain Rice Flour; and we will look forward to see what additional twist the #steem community would introduce to us.

Hope to see entries coming in soon!

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Thank you so much and I will try my next recipe.

You have about 2.5 weeks to get that up. All the best!

Best wishes
Cap Dua Gajah

Thank you for your continuous support not only for the Steem community by purchasing Steem from MYR, but also your CSR donations of rice flour for the hard core poor families.

Looking forward to see more entries from your contest.

Best regards,
Daily Bread Food Bank

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