Chinese for Dinner, YUM.

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This is for all the foodies in the house.


I had some amazing dinner yesterday, Chinese was the name of the food game. I'm not a big fun because to me it almost tastes the say, in terms of spices and what not, but I do enjoy a good Chinese take out once in a while. When you come from a continent where we don't shy away from our spices, then you might understand what I mean.

I did though enjoy having something different, and something that I haven't had before.

This little ball things that I forgot the name were delicious, particularly loved the one with fish filling. Slaps so good with Soy Sauce.


The noodles were also amazing. Just too oily to my liking, but clearly we are living life on the edge after surviving Corona.

Had 2 different types of noodles, and they were delicious!



Did I mention there was rice too?

What can I say, a babe loves her food!!



Over all, it was a great meal, one that I shall be indulging in for today's lunch since we had some leftover, so, there's that to look forward to.

Nothing lifts my spirits like some great food🙌🙌


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Someone is having the best time of her life wow, foodie to the core. Awesome

Ahhh yum yum yum 😪😝😝😝😝😝

Food is everything, I like Chinese food but Thai foods are spicey more than Chinese food I think...

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