Firing up the rocket stove, chopping fresh ingredients. Guess What’s On The Menu Tonight?

in foodie •  16 days ago 


It just never ceases to amaze I will continue to day after day make such unique delicious healthy dishes time and time again without even a recipe book or the Internet.


What’s even more amazing is that we do it enjoy love and gratitude every time and that it’s so sustainable.

We don’t buy food from stores, we don’t create any Waste.

In fact we’re actually saving waste from the landfill and turning it into soil. That’s actually negative carbon footprint results!

Be the change 🏵🙏🏼🏵


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LOL it would be a fun game to guess what's on the menu tonight at the GOE - except no one would ever win bc it's always unique, inspired, basically never before seen mouthgasmic experiences

Sooooo true!

The sustainable life FTW!!! <3

So important!
Hope to inspire!

May it be so!

The way you use your food and trash from land field is highly appreciated for green planet making.

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