Amy's organic cheese enchiladas

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I've been really impressed with these Amy's organic products from Whole Foods. I first started with a can of lentil soup which was extremely hearty and thick leaving me feeling like I just ate a full meal but it was only a bowl of soup. Yesterday I had the Amy's organic pizza, a little smaller than a traditional sized pizza but the ingredients were all top notch, I could barely finish the slices I cut for myself. Thing is I didn't get the feeling I usually have after eating greasy pizza, that's because there wasn't any grease. I felt nice and full without all the unhealthy side effects. Will stay with these products as they are extremely beneficial to my health. Try something new every day, can't go wrong.


Good call @treyball! I had Amy's Tom Khai Soup for lunch the other day. You should try it, too

@mantishands Thanks for the tip, I'll make sure and grab some next time I'm at the market. Tried a pesto, basil, tomato and broccoli pizza last night, smelled great, tasted even better!

Sounds good, too! I'll look for it at Kroger