Cold szechuan noodles for lunch

in foodie •  10 days ago 


Was at Whole Foods the other day for a quick lunch, made my way over to the hot trays but didn't see what I was looking for so I went to the cold section and found these cold szechuan noodles with green onions. I knew I had a bottle of soy sauce at home so I threw them in my basket and made my way to the cashier.

Long story short they looked better than they tasted, which is weird because I love noodles of all kind. There was some hidden spice that I didn't notice when I picked the carton off the rack. The spice wasn't so good in my opinion. I tried to mask it with some soy sauce but that made it worse. Didn't finish my lunch which is rare, I won't be buying this style of noddles anymore, at least from Whole Foods.

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