Roasted red pepper tomato soup

in foodie •  13 days ago 

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Last week when I was under the weather I went to the store and stocked up on a bunch of different kinds of soup. One of the one's that stuck out the most and tasted the best was the roasted red pepper tomato soup. I've always been a big fan of tomato soup, so when I came across this organic style, red pepper I decided to make the buy. Love the spice added, not totally used to it but I like it better already.

Most times I buy a can of regular tomato soup I end up using too much salt and pepper trying to make up for the bland taste. This solves my problem. I'll be buying this style moving forward because it has the proper spices. When I don't feel good I like it when hot foods clean out my sinuses. An all natural way of doing so. No soup for you.

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