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Wild & worthwhile!

We live in a strange day and age when most people in "industrialized countries" have no idea how much free food an medicine is growing all around them. Thankfully, many are beginning to educate themselves about the herbs and wild edibles thriving in their areas. In this video, I show off a small cluster of four different beneficial wild plants, and talk about some of the rich nutritional and medicinal benefits that they provide.


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Great video man! This is the big knowledge we need to bring back if we are to ever be free. Bookmarked, resteemed and upvoted, thanks so much for sharing <|°°|>***


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A great way to beat those big pharma companies.

Every year have to deal with trespassers that drive RTV’s around with trash cans trying to steal the palmetto seeds out of people’s wooden areas.

Thanking you @papa-pepper for sharing.

Love your Foodie post!

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