Fruits and Veggies Monday | Goji Cranberry Compote Breakfast!

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Happy Monday my sweet foodie friends!

I get so excited when the holiday seasons arrive! Favorite fruits and vegetables show up at the market and I always try to take advantage! Last week Cranberries caught my eye! They're a great source of Vitamins A and C I love to include them in stuffing, fruit salads and breads.

Interestingly enough I remember stringing cranberries as a child, to drape around the Christmas tree each year. Now I wouldn’t think of wasting this tasty berry. With apples, pears and oranges in hand I knew what I would create….

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Goji Cranberry Compote!

All you need

  • Fresh Cranberries (2 cups)
  • Fresh Pear (qty 1)
  • Fresh Apple (qty 1)
  • Fresh Orange (qty 1)
  • Pecans (1/2 cup)
  • Goji Berries (1/2 cup)
  • Maple Syrup (½ cup)
  • Cinnamon (1 tsp)
  • Nutmeg (1/2 tsp)

I had a little bit of help…

In the kitchen when I began. Having never eaten an orange, my grandson was very interested in this new fruit. Peeling and eating, he just couldn’t help enough. In fact, I think we were well into orange number two before I knew it.
IMG_2135 (2).jpg

Luckily he was distracted…

and in his highchair with his new fruit when I decided to puree the orange! Oh so happy!
IMG_0045 (2).jpg

Pear and apple chopped!


Goji berries ready…

IMG_2150 (2).jpg

I combined everything …

into a saucepan and heated to a boil. Reducing the heat to a simmer; the compote was cooked (covered) for about 30 minutes. Time was up and snack time was over, so now it was time to go out to play.
IMG_2151 (2).jpg

He’s not too sure about the snow…

As you can imagine it’s tough to maneuver the favorite truck through snow! Needless to say, playtime was short.
IMG_2108 (2).jpg

Back in the house...

Time for a taste test! Yes, he approved! I love sharing new fruits and veggies with this little one. He'll try anything at least once!
IMG_2165(Edited) (2).jpg

Into the fridge to cool overnight!

IMG_2163 (2).jpg

Breakfast! Served with Coconut yogurt and a sprinkle of Bird’s Granola!

IMG_2232 (2).jpg

Served with breakfast, lunch and Thanksgiving dinner, this compote was a hit! So much so, I knew I wanted to share it with my Fruits and Veggies Monday friends! Thanks to our wonderful host @lenasveganliving, we all gather each Monday to share wonderful fruits and veggies from all around the world. If you haven’t joined us you must! Such a wonderful group of Steemians, you‘ll love it! Thanks for stopping by today!

And as always, blessings to you all!





I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Teaching the little one young to eat healthy, very helpful little hand in the kitchen. Your weather looks quite cool already will need all the extra fuel to stay happy.

Well, at this point he will try most food at least once, lol He was delighted with the oranges and since I had them, he was all for helping :) With 16 inches of snow, we needed lots of healthy treats on hand!

Oh my goodness, the little precious helper is the highlight of this post. Sorry grandma, but your compote, although mouthwatering has to take a back seat this time. I hope you don't mind, lol. Yet, I must say, beautiful Christmas presentation 🎄😍🎄

hehehe, yes you do know about those little helping hands! I can't imagine the fun you have with two grandsons!!! I agree, he does take center attention, all day long .. all I can say is we have way too much fun! lol Thank you my sweet friend, you're the best!

You are most welcome and yes I know how much fun those helping hands can be 😍

Haha! I agree~! Your compote looks amazing and your display is attractive, but, help like that is hard to come by!

I vote or the grandbaby! :)

Wonderful entry into #fruitsandveggiesmonday! Good luck!


hehehe, yes he does win the prize in my heart as well :) His mother just bought a little step up platform for him to stand beside the counter to "help" I'm sure it will be even more fun during Christmas, lol You know I'll share ;) Thank you sweet friend, so glad you enjoyed!

Can I just say your holiday photography - first and last images particularly - is seriously on point! Nice job!! I can almost smell the fragrant spices and taste that slight tanginess.

Cooking for family and loved ones, especially on occasions and holidays, is just so rewarding, right?!

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You know I love to cook for them :) Nothing makes me happier! Now having a little one who will try just about anything it's even more fun, lol Thank you for the sweet words...I owe the photography to my sweet old camera, it does all of the work!

the healthiest recipe resized.png

Thank you my sweet friend! What a lovely surprise! xx

Always a pleasure my Dear Mrs. Bird 😍

You have definitely helped me continue to get in the Christmas spirit! Cranberries are all over the place here now, so I will have to get some more to try this soon. Love any combination of yummy fruits, especially when you have little hands to help peel. :)

I'll give you one guess what I've got in the oven right now...
No springform pan, but hopefully it will taste just fine even if my first slice or two is tough to get out of the regular baking dish. ;)

Oh my goodness you're making squash-kin cake! What did you think? Between my daughter and my hubby they were fighting over who got to eat it, lol I would love to hear what you thought/changed! Loooove the cranberries this time of year, what are you making??? You're the best!! Thanks Katie!

It is soooo good! We loved it! I didn't change anything except for not making the glaze to go on top (didn't soak the cashews in time), though next time I will try that, too. Oh and I used the little bit of homemade pumpkin butter that I had left in place of the coconut oil. I was a little worried it might not look as nice baking in a 8x8 pyrex dish, but it still came out wonderfully.

What a colorful, delicious and nutritious entry for #fruitsandveggiesmonday! Good luck in the contest!

Love seeing the use of goji berries -- and your adorable grandson! Did he like the compot?🍒🍊❤🍎🍐

Thank you @ninahaskin! I love goji berries and try to add them often. My grandson looooved the compote, ate it by the spoonfull. I have to say, at this point he will try just about anything (we'll see how long it lasts, lol)

Such healthy ingredients and looks os good ;)

Thank you @tattoodjay, I could have eaten this all day, lol Tart and yet a little sweet, and with yogurt...mmmm I think you would enjoy it! :)

Ohh I know I would enjoy it ;)

This not only looks good, but super healthy combination as well! So good to have little child as helper. And I am sure he loves those fruits. =)

I know, I think he enjoyed it as well. I'm not sure he knew he was "helping" I think he was there for the food, lol thank you @iamjadeline!

This looks so festive and yummy it reminded me that I haven't eaten yet! haha I love how excited kids can get over the things that seem so mundane as adults. It's such gift to be around them.

You forget what its like to have a little one around when your children are grown. The sweet surprises, joy and simple excitement about everything is so refreshing :) We as adjults could learn a thing or two, lol They are such a gift, we are blessed. Thanks @freedomtowrite :)

Ha! Looks easy enough to make so will give it a try. Bookmarked Mrs Bird and thank you for the recipe. One of these days I will have a book of bookmarked recipes Lol.

Oh my goodness, you are too kind! I do hope you'll try making this and let me know your thoughts/changes :) So glad you enjoyed, it's reallllly easy to make as well (so you can make it often, lol) Blessings my friend!

Only a pleasure my dear friend.
We are most certainly going to put some things together like this and thank you once again for the idea.
Hope that you have a great Friday!

Oh wow, another goji berries recipe, NICE!

I know @joelai :) I do love those gojis, lol So glad you enjoyed!

I do enjoy, thanks for sharing!

Damn, that looks good!! Perfect to warm you up on a cold morning!! Mind you, it's meant to be summer here and I'm craving stewed fruit - there is definitely something cosy and christmassy about it!

Thank you @riverflows, I do think you would enjoy this...with yogurt and a bit of granola, oh my....I didn't want this breakfast to end. lol (btw we had 16 inches of snow that day..definitely a holiday atmosphere!)

Fresh and healthy

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I try!!! Glad you enjoyed @shuvo35! :) Thanks for stopping by

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