Eating Clean, Fighting Constipation - The Dragon Fruit

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This is probably the first after a long time for writing #fruitsandveggiesmonday . I wanted to write about this yesterday but since I already posted and actifit based post I'd reserve it for today.


For those who have attended #steemfest last November , like @travelgirl (who loves it) would recognise this massive suspecting poppy seed looking content fruit ; and a lot would actually wonder: are you sure you can eat the seeds?

(I can tell you the truth when I first saw the white version of it, I actually thought it was related to poppy seed kind of weird genetics)

The taste

Once you have acquire its unique sweet and slight sour taste you'd probably like it a lot; as I used to love to have half of this a day when it was a little less than 1 USD a fruit.

(now in Malaysia, this size of a fruit is about 2.16 USD, it has doubled the price ever since 5 years back... and THIS IS A LOCAL FRUIT)

The benefits

If you really want to read through all the benefits of of a dragon fruit you can easily google it for its information. But here, I'd like to share my own testimony on its benefits

Knowing it has massive red pigment and the slight sour taste reminds me of Vitamin A and Vitamin C; and true enough, if you look through even through webMD you will know that it is packed with vitamin C.

I also have frequent constipation if I don't consume enough fibre in me (even with a lot of water intake), and ever since I heard about it and when I frequently have it like 3 times a week, my bowels are very happy...

...or crappy and smelly stool output if there are some stuck debris at the corner of your colon.

That is probably because of the fibre and the seeds it is pretty much doing a deep colon cleansing for your body, without purging too much.

However, if you DO happen to eat too much, you WILL encounter "purging" as the detox intensified to the max.

I tried eating the whole fruit before and yeah, that was the side effect of it.

And you probably do not need that much of a dragon fruit. With that size, it's the right opportunity to share with a family member or a friend.

The Price

Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, approximately 5 - 6 years ago you can actually acquire 3 HUGE 4 inch diameter dragon fruit for about USD 2.40; but right now, that is very rare and most of the time you'd probably get about 2.5 inch - 3 inch wide fruit for maybe, 2 for USD 2.40 in Malaysia.

I recall it is a lot cheaper in Bangkok; but I didn't go for that. I know @khimgoh said despite the white flesh dragon fruit (that is usually imported from Vietnam) isn't the best acceptable fruit in KL; but the white flesh ones in Bangkok were equally as juicy as the red ones in Malaysia.

Therefore, simple, healthy, clean, definitely vegan... and a fruit to devour if you have a chance to try it. You might find the taste odd, but it won't be horrific as the durian (for many travellers) and if your body is heating up and you are in South East Asia or Central America or even Australia (according to the site). Have it a go, and let your colon thank you later.

Until then

Thank You for Your Time


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I approve of this plant-based posts.
Upvote 👍

Thank you! I appreciate it! 😁

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The goodness of dragons 😍

Haha... yes.

Dragon Fruit - even the name is so enticing and I can see why its so beneficial for health. Thanks for sharing

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Yes. It is actually very healthy even though a lot are still finding it hard to eat (for the first time) because of the seeds.

Thank you so much for the HUGE encouragement. That really means a lot.

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I wish to try this beautiful pink Dragon fruit someday, unfortunately, we don't get this one here in Canada. Only the white one, which is practically tasteless. I still buy it if I find it for a lower price, in Asian supermarket but usually is over $ 6 CAN. Nevertheless, it is an amzing fruit.

Just one more thing for the future please, our competition requires 3 photos minimum. Thank you 🥭😊🥑


Oh I didn't know that. Next time I will definitely add them in.

I'll try to see any of my old photos that I used to buy and compare that size. Thank you so much!

I am going to try and see if I can take a picture of the usual price for this post and edit it. 😁

The rules are published every Monday. Besides, dragon fruits so beautiful, you can really have fun with it. But don't worry my Dear, next time you know 😍

Yes, thanks so much @lenasveganliving 😁

@littlenewthings, This Fruit Dish is reflecting the essence of deliciousness without any doubt. And deep Pink colour spreading the feel of Roses. Stay blessed.

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haha the reddish-pink it does remind me of dark pink Japanese roses, and yes; so far this is one of my most favourite fruits.

Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome and good to know about that.

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Thanks! Would definitely look into this if I every have posts relate to this category. Thank you!

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Haha you really like the fruit

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