Qurator's: Hive Top Chef! | Soup ~ Rich Vegetable Beef Soup With Potatoes, Tomatoes and Carrot

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Hello Hiveans! Soup is the theme for this week's Qurator's HIVE Top Chef cooking challenge and here is my Rich Vegetable Beef Soup with potatoes, tomatoes, and carrot. I hope you will like it.

Rich Vegetable Beef Soup with Potatoes, Tomatoes and Carrot


The Ingredients

  1. Beef 1 kg.
  2. 4 Potatoes.
  3. 2 Tomatoes.
  4. 1 Carrot.
  5. 2 Onions.
  6. Ginger 1-inch.
  7. 4 Cloves Garlic.
  8. Cinnamon sticks.
  9. Star Anise.
  10. Cardamom.
  11. Cloves.
  12. Bunjut soup 2 packets.
  13. Parsley.
  14. Spring Onions.
  15. Beef soup paste.
  16. A slice of lemon.
  17. Salt and pepper to taste.

Method ~ Beef preparations

  1. Wash and slice beef thinly.
  2. I used a meat tenderizer to soften the meat faster. Place 1 tablespoon of meat tenderizer and pierce the meat with a fork. Do not put salt at this stage.
  3. Boil in a pot until the meat is tender.


Prepare the boiling ingredients


Fry the Onions

Heat oil in a pan and fry the onions.

Add crushed ginger and garlic


Add Bunjut Soup spices, Cinnamon Sticks, Star Anise, Cloves and Cardamom


Add Vegetables ~ Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Carrot


Squeeze Lemon, add Beef Paste, White Pepper, and Salt to taste


Boil the Soup until potatoes are ready


Rich Vegetable Beef Soup With Potatoes, Tomatoes and Carrot Ready to Serve

Garnished with parsley and spring onions.

That concludes my presentation for Qurator's HIVE Top Chef ~ Soup theme this week and I hope you will like it, cheers, ainie.

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That's all for now, wishing you a beautiful day ~ Life is Beautiful.

The Best is yet to come, Keep Creating Keep Hiving!

Take care and Stay Blessed!

Yours truly,



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Awesome @tan.app, thank you and Have A Nice Day, cheers, ainie

Very well done @ainie.kashif. I love the spices in this soup!

Thanks @carolynstahl for your kind comment and for visiting my page, this soup is a common dish for a Malay household, and normally we will just change the meat with chicken to change the soup variety.

Absolutely, although I'm a vegan, so I would used fried tofu when recreating this recipe. I like your spice combo, it reminds very much of a few Cham Cambodian dishes I've had. The Cham people came to Cambodia from Malaysia centuries ago, but they didn't forget their star anise.

Hi @justinparke, oh yes you can use the basic soup cooking method for your vegan style. Interestingly, you have taught me a new history lesson today. I had never known about Cham people and after reading this, I Google them, and then wow what an interesting reading, they have a history that is so much related to the Malays. And that's why they carried that cooking style right. Okay, thanks for this new history that I read today. Have A Nice Day and take care, cheers, ainie

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That’s looks very nice!

Thanks @sreypov, I heard mummy will be cooking too. So I will be waiting for your soup post, cheers, ainie